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Revealing the world of karaoke to you!

Karaoke – A Liberating Experience

Karaoke is believed to be one of the most liberating and heart-racing experiences on this earth. It provides you with the opportunity to mentally, physically and emotionally indulge your inner pop or rock star. Karaoke is truly the best type of musical set up to be a part of especially if you are in a group. Getting the chance to give vocals to your favourite songs is a unique experience in itself and being able to do so with your friends, makes the experience even more unique. This is why karaoke has become a popular activity for stag and hen parties. Karaoke gives you a chance to sing, dance and entertain each other. 


Who we are?

KYV Karaoke Club is a renowned club that provides stags and hens in the United Kingdom with the opportunity to get on the stage, hold the mic and sing and dance together creating a unique, fun-filled and liberating experience. We offer the best karaoke venues across the UK and the perfect entertainment for all your pre-wedding celebrations.

Apart from a luxury private karaoke environment, we also offer a great song list, the latest touch screen technology, hundreds of blissfully and happy singers willing to join in on the fun and chick cocktails, all wrapped together waiting to make your karaoke night out with your friends the perfect night.

Why KYV Karaoke Club?

The key to having a spectacular karaoke night is highly dependent on the venue and the karaoke club. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your karaoke nigh out.


We are one of the most popular karaoke clubs in the UK. Our clients know that they can trust and depend on us to give them the best karaoke experience ever.



We have karaoke clubs and venues available in all of the major cities in the UK so it does not matter where you want to hold your stag or hen do, we are available for you.

Latest Technology

We have the latest technology such as wireless mic, speakers and HD LED displays for displaying the videos and the lyrics during the event to enhance your experience.


We have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to ensure that your karaoke experience with your friends is everything that it is supposed to be.

Book Your Private Karaoke Room

If you are looking for a karaoke club to take care of the karaoke activities for you stag do and hen do parties in UK, we are available. Irrespective of the province or the city you want to hold the event at, we are just a few clicks away. Booking your private karaoke room is quite simple. 

  1. Step One: Choose the city and venue.
  2. Step Two: Choose the date, time and duration.
  3. Step Three: Choose the total amount of members in your stag or hen group.
  4. Step Four: Click on Book.

Once we receive your reservation with your basic contact information, we will confirm your booking and provide you with all additional information that you need to start preparing for your karaoke night. 



Here is what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services.

I recently organized a hen do for my best friend who wanted a night filled with singing and dancing with her friends so I booked us a night at the KYV Karaoke Club and it was the most fun we have had in a long time.
By By Bernadine E. Hope

If you are looking for the best karaoke venues in the UK, you must certainly get into contact with this company. I have organized a few hen dos and karaoke has always been on the activity list with the KYV Karaoke Club being the go to place.
By Eleanor J. Berube

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We offer the best venues on the best locations across the UK for your pre-wedding celebrations.